About us

ULTIMA.LABwas founded by a group of dedicated scientists and nutritionists. We are passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. When we saw an increased demand for high-quality, effective nutritional supplements to help people lose weight and get in shape, we decided to create a line of products to meet that need.

The team at ULTIMA.LAB has spent years researching and developing products using only the finest natural ingredients and the latest scientific techniques. We have worked tirelessly to create formulas that are safe, effective and backed by solid research.

Finally, after many trials, we were ready to launch our first line of weight loss supplements. We have received a lot of positive feedback from the public and people have started using our products with great success.

We constantly continue to invest in research and development, always striving to improve our products and help more and more people achieve their weight loss goals. We believe that over time, the ULTIMA.LAB brand will be known as one of the leading names in the nutritional supplements market.

The ADI-PEX product contains only substances verified by science. You won't find any ballast components and unnecessary additives in it.

Registration of business name and composition at the Health Office