FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. How ADI-PEX works

So, this is a very important question. ADI-PEX can increase caloric expenditure thanks to the synergies of the substances contained, which start the metabolism and supply your body with energy. Not only will you burn calories better, but you will also feel better!

2. Is ADI-PEX safe

ADI-PEX contains only substances that are not harmful to health. Nevertheless, we recommend checking whether you have an allergy or increased sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Due to the high caffeine content, ADI-PEX is not suitable for children.

3. How to use ADI-PEX

Take one tablet daily in the morning or before exercise.

4. Other medicines and ADI-PEX

No adverse effects were noted in combination with commonly used drugs. If in doubt, consult your GP.

5. ULTIMA.LAB ADI-PEX versus Adipex Retard

The original ADIPEX RETARD contains the active substance phentermine, which although helps with weight loss, is very harmful. ADI-PEX from ULTIMA.LAB is created in a modern way and relies on a complex natural composition, with each substance playing its role in weight reduction.

Thanks to our ADI-PEX, you will not only burn more calories, but you will also have more energy.


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