Upper body


Every woman wants to have firm breasts and arms. However, it is not enough to just lose weight, but you also need to do the right exercises to comprehensively practice the mentioned parts.

Hand training

Hands belong to the problematic parts of the female body, although they are used almost constantly during the day (you type on the computer, carry shopping, lift heavy things, etc.). However, the main reason is that during exercise, women mainly focus on the buttocks, thighs and abdomen, and their figure is therefore not strengthened evenly. However, this is a big mistake, because the hands form the side line of the figure, and the shoulders, in addition, visually narrow the hips.

When training, distinguish between strengthening biceps, triceps and shoulders. You can use either one-handers or PET water bottles as a load.

Breast training

Breast size is mainly determined by genetics, but something can certainly be done with it. A few exercises listed below can also help.

Arm and chest training